Oh, For the Love of Spam...

Oh, For the Love of Spam...

Our latest collection features designs inspired by that most annoying, confusing, sometimes offensive yet sometimes highly entertaining form of communication – spam email.

One might wonder what could possibly be inspiring about spam email? On the surface, nothing.  Spam, with its oft strangely-worded English,  goofy lay-out and potentially evil, virus-filled links go exactly where they should – through the spam filter and into the spam folder where they will stew in a mire of apathy and neglect eventually finding their way into email hell – ie.  the trash bin.

But once in awhile, a bit of spam can entertain. It can read like poetry. It might not make sense, but it sometimes contains an amusing poetic cadence.

For instance, our design – Hiram.  This non-sensical spam has a poetic quality that conjures up images of another era...a Robert Frost-esque bit of verse...until, of course, one tries to make sense of it:

Just come out here and chuck.

Came in this news of food.

Reminded him out into Charlie.

Waiting for even worse than usual place.



Then there is other spam that reads like something out of an old spy novel as is the case with our Spam Noir design.  On the surface, the message (which was discovered hidden in an attempt to sneak through spam filters) comes across as a veiled attempt at diplomacy, an olive-branch extended regarding some misunderstanding. A dark, menacing tone underlies it:

Let’s try be reasonable.

I think, that you are mistaken. Let’s discuss it.

Write to me in PM,

We will communicate.

Its tough, cocksure tone is something right out of a Mickey Spillane spam noir novel...if Spillane had written spam noir novels.

Then there is still other spam that is much more direct and to the point. It doesn't futz around with any poetic mumbo-jumbo or intimidating gangster-speak. Upon opening and reading, it invades your personal space and tells you exactly what it wants from you.

Such is the case with the spam that inspired our Spam of Love collection.

The tone of this particular message is aggressively complimentary. I hear the voice of Natasha Fatale speaking as well as feel the grip of a headlock and noogie


Sexy Rabbit

I found yr photos in Twitter


Screen capture of the actual email with accompanying design.

While these designs and others to come will do nothing to combat the annoyance of receiving spam  (THE WAR ON SPAM...nah), we can at least have some fun with this virtual junk mail until someone can develop the perfect spam filter. 



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