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When one speaks of sports in Seattle, ice hockey receives nary a mention. But the sport has a colorful history in Seattle.  While the city has tried valiantly over the years to land an NHL franchise (hopefully in the not-too-distant future, oh please oh please oh please), it does claim a Stanley Cup. The Seattle Metropolitans were the first American-based team to win the famed cup in 1917. Since then, Seattle has seen many teams, professional and amateur, skate on Seattle ice - the Vamps, the Eskimos, the Sea Hawks, the Ironmen, the Bombers, the Americans, the Totems, the Thunderbirds...

This small collection pays homage to Seattle's rich hockey history.  Click on an icon below to see a collection: L-R:

Seattle Stanley Cup 1917  Seattle Vamps 1921  Seattle City Hockey League  Seattle Totems 1958-1975


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